Here’s how much energy you can actually save by lowering your heating by 1 degree Celsius!


In the current environment of inflation, this winter was under the sign of savings. That’s right for you and your bill Energy stocks, the heat should be reduced. effect, Energy prices seem to be rising. Fortunately, the government has put a tariff cap on the cost of these. Thus, the latter restrains prices Do not increase by more than 15%. But that can quickly create bills that some families can’t afford. But still, big savings are only possible through downsizing One degree is your temperature. Let us explain everything here.

Heating is a big expense

Summer is well over, The Hot temperature Slowly moving away. Therefore, we see a very low temperature in the morning, which already wants to turn on the heat. And yet, in the current global environment, we must Go slow when heating.

Actually, even if there is one Fee shield up to 15%, the prices are very high. Paying bills can quickly become complicated. And precisely, the heating represents a Most of the budget houses. So, between October and March, it is almost mirrored Three-quarters of global annual energy consumption.

These are very important months that come at a time when energies are lacking. Therefore, it seems necessary not to keep the heat too high. However, in Many daily gestures allow big savings on bills. But heat seems to be the best option Very important Reduce the score.


In fact, even if you remember to turn off the lights when you leave a room, this is not reflected The same savings that reduce your heat. In fact, prices quoted by electricity and Natural gasEvery kWh saved means a reduction in your bills.

Therefore, energy experts strongly recommend reducing the heat in your home even by one degree. Actually, for them, one degree less That can represent a savings of 7% on the bill Heating. thereby, With current pricesReducing your heating by one degree can save you almost €356 a year.

In addition, the government is calling on the French to show energy moderation. He is there Recommended of Set the temperature in your living room to 19 degrees. And for less-used bedrooms and rooms, only 16 or 17 degrees is sufficient.

Adjust your lifestyle

So, if you are cold, a plaid or sweaters will help as the heat is less intense. There are also many simple gestures. Like opening shutters to let in heat during the day and closing them at night to keep out the cold. Place mats on the floor Better isolation And Curtains on windows too.

Thus, there are many ways to better conserve heat and live better by reducing heat. Further, Some suppliers Allows you to monitor your consumption in real time, Be aware of what you are consuming And how to reduce it.

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