United Arab Emirates: Step into the Metaverse!

United Arab Emirates: Step into the Metaverse!

The United Arab Emirates, a major player in the science and technology sector, has announced the launch of a branch of its Ministry of Economy in Metaverse, a virtual world touted as the future of the Internet.

Between the walls of the Museum of the Future in Dubai, a building with an unusual ring-shaped architecture, the wealthy Gulf emirate hosted hundreds of representatives of global technology giants for two days. . The stated aim: to make Dubai “one of the world’s ten largest metaverse economies” by 2030 and attract 1,000 companies specializing in blockchain and virtual technologies known for its pharaonic real estate projects.

Importantly, contributing $4 billion to GDP and creating 40,000 jobs. Pushed to the forefront of the stage in the summer of 2021, the Metaverse represents a digital and social universe that expands physical reality via augmented or virtual reality and moves the Internet from 2D to 3D.

For now, Emirati Economy Minister Abdullah Bin Duq Al-Marri acknowledges that the universe, which is supposed to allow internet users to have fun, study or work, is still in an “experimental” phase. Interview with AFP. But the pandemic has “accelerated” the trend, he said.

According to the minister, the emirate, where more than 90% of its 10 million people are expatriates, has been attracting more and more “investments and new talent” for two years.

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