SFR announces new measures to reduce electricity consumption of its boxes and its mobile network

SFR announces new measures to reduce electricity consumption of its boxes and its mobile network

After Bouygues Telecom, Free and Orange, the parent company of SFR Altice also announces new actions to tackle the energy crisis that will develop this winter, it’s time for energy moderation.

For operators in the context of overall power crisis. Aldis France yesterday published its action plan to drive energy efficiency across its various companies, including the operator SFR but also the BFM and RMC channels.

Each operator makes its announcements in this sense: free, for example, entrusted to us Turn off some frequencies at night For its part, Orange announced that it will implement the switch to save between 5 and 10% of its consumption, depending on the traffic of each site. In electric batteries of several thousand installations of fixed network. Bouygues Telecom has also announced the establishment of an Ecowatt charter. Altice announces its role to enrich the existing program “J’avance avec Altice” aimed at adapting to climate challenges.

First, the operator announces that deep automatic standby for SFR TV decoders will be deployed from November. A more advanced standby mode can save up to 90% of the device’s energy. In addition, SFR announced a complete review of its mobile network’s systems to reduce its consumption in line with traffic. “V.SeHis review a action plan On that day Network architecture WHO to allow An energy reduction while preserving continuity and Quality of service. Le Using sunlight Inside Live foode Radio stations, data centers and buildings is preferred” explains the company.

Data centers are not forgotten as Altice/SFR announces a plan to reduce air conditioning and re-equipment in all rooms.This energy consumption makes it possible to have a significant impact on the material, until the less energy efficient equipment is destroyed.“.

Other activities planned for Altice Media, which publishes BFM and RMC: “has From 1R November, BFMTVBFM Business and 10 BFM local news channelsAs a part of Their information work in the French service, Thanks for the partnership, will give in real time With RTE and GRTgaz, alerts and advice of systems “ EcoWatt “and” EcoGaz “One Better control of electricity and gas consumption.” Programs dedicated to the environment and new chronicles on this theme are presented. Other measures will be taken to raise awareness among employees, with training for Altice France staff and information on digital environmental gestures or advice on good practices sent to subscribers.

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