Emmanuel Macron Sends His Gendarmes and Police to Qatar as Maids – Maghreb Intelligence

Emmanuel Macron Sends His Gendarmes and Police to Qatar as Maids - Maghreb Intelligence

Under the reign of His Majesty Macron and many files, this France is so strange that it no longer knows which foot to swing on.

A major campaign is currently underway in French cities to boycott the World Cup, which begins in Doha on November 20. In other words, no big screens to follow the matches, no fan zones even if the Blues reach the final.

This decision has already been taken in the biggest cities of France: Paris, Bordeaux, Reims, Marseille… Against the World Cup, whose organization would have been against human rights, energy efficiency…

Except here: to everyone’s surprise, Paris has decided, revealing the chain goose dated this Wednesday, October 5, 2022, that there will be no less than 220 security members between gendarmes and police to protect the Doha World Cup.

According to the satirical publication, the team will be made up of only men, along with ten dogs, and will be fully looked after by the Emir of Qatar, plus a substantial bonus.

In other words, mayors of big cities and French public opinion can think what they want. Emmanuel Macron, from atop his throne at the Elysée, cannot deny the Qataris anything.

Didn’t he personally intervene, this is the first time he has convinced Kylian Mbappe not to leave PSG? Which Qatari-owned flagship club in the French capital is PSG…

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