This robot’s new 100m record

This robot's new 100m record

Cassie, a bipedal robot, can run 100 meters in less than 25 seconds. It’s far from the capabilities of humans, but sprinting is still a very complex procedure for a robot.

A The CEO is a robot In China, drones and cars, killer robots… and now AIs running robots. This is how Cassie, a bipedal robot in America, managed to jump and run 100 meters in 24.73 seconds. That’s 10 seconds slower than a healthy human can claim and a far cry from Usain Bolt’s 9.58 seconds. However, it remains a complete record Guinness Book of Records For a bipedal robot.

For now, only quadruple robots are capable in terms of speed. It was especially the wildcat of Boston Dynamics who won the championship in all categories. Can run on all fours at a speed of 30.5 kmph. However, compared to him, Cassie is quite the underdog. He was able to walk for over a year. Assembled by an American company Agility Robotics And this robot, designed by engineers at the University of Oregon, has already come a long way. Since then, endurance has been tested to cover 5 kilometers in 53 minutes, which is similar to a human walking at a good pace.

Cassie is the fastest bipedal robot today. However, it is not fast. © Oregon State University

Actual recording: start and stop

According to its designers, over this 100 meters, its speed was a record, but above all its ability to start and stop the race. To fully understand the difficulty of training, the research teamUniversity of Oregon Thus he compared his robot to an airplane, with its two most complex stages: take-off and landing.

To improve better stability and performance, the robot has specific joints for tetrapods, that is to say most quadripeds. The Cassie robot is essentially limited to a pair of legs, with a rudimentary body to control loss of balance. In addition, Cassie has another specialty, the robot can operate without any sensor or camera. A man should guide him. But on second thought, what’s the point of making a robot run sprints?

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