Psychological unit for agents of Routes de Guadeloupe

Psychological unit for agents of Routes de Guadeloupe

This Monday morning (October 3), the atmosphere was heavy at the headquarters of Jarry de Routes de Guadeloupe and at the La Jaille (Baie-Mahault) branch. the previous day, Agent of Routes de Guadeloupe dies After he was hit by a driver while in the middle of an intervention.

A great loss

At 46, he was considered “an excellent colleague” in the jail branch where he worked. A psychological unit has been set up at this site and at the headquarters of Roots de Guadalupe.

Eric Dethelot, regional director of the Cul de Sac Marin region at Routes de Guadalupe:

At first there was a lot of grief. Anger, that will come later, but it’s a lot of grief for a great colleague we all lost. It is true that he has been assigned to my service, but he is still the agent of the Routes de Guadalupe. And a super nice agent. Everyone regrets his absence today. When I took over the service nearly three years ago, it was already there. He joined these teams completely. He made his place. Loved by everyone everywhere. It is very important that we have a big thought that his family, his children are the priority, because it is a great loss for the family.

Cell’s psychologists ask all agents.

The 61-year-old man who attacked the agent was scheduled to be arraigned in the Pedro district attorney’s office in the early afternoon. As a reminder, at the time of the events, he was under the influence of alcohol and without a driver’s license. The state attorney will provide an update on the case at a press conference scheduled for 4:30 p.m.

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