Niger: Nearly 4 million students return to school at start of 2022-2023 academic year

Niger: Nearly 4 million students return to school at start of 2022-2023 academic year

#In other countries : After a 3-month holiday, Niger students are back to school. As for the parents, they pray that this year, which started on a good note, will pass without any disturbances.

On Monday, October 3, 2022, about 4 million students and 101,892 preschool, primary and secondary teachers returned to 22,543 public and private schools spread across Niger.

Vocational and Technical Education Minister Qassum Mokhtar gave the opening for the new academic year. “Indeed, we could see that the school has reopened. The most important thing is that wherever we go, the administration is there, teachers and students are there, which confirms that we are on the right track in our struggle to change the education system,” he said.

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So we conduct 9 months of lessons for school students and teachers. A good number of students’ parents express their desire to live 9 months without any hassles above all. “The start of the academic year went well. We hope this academic year will pass without any hiccups,” hopes Abdul Aziz Thampa, a parent of a student.

A tour of a few schools in the city of Niamey allowed us to witness the resumption of these effective classes, and the students are delighted. “Vacations are over, games are over, now it’s time for studies. We wish this academic year to be better,” said student Abubakar Siddiqui. “We have received things including notebooks and pens, the holidays are over and now it’s time to study,” said student Hamadou Saidu Nadia.

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