Microsoft acquisitions: Capcom and Sega are in the spotlight

La Sega más ambiciosa: Unreal Engine 5, juegos multiplataforma y la nube
The most ambitious Sega: Unreal Engine 5, games multi-platform y la newe

We continue to learn the details of what Microsoft will do after the Activision purchase. In the past few days, we have already told you that Microsoft will not stop buying Call of Duty franchises, and there will be more after that. The thing is, corporate US moves are made with great caution and are usually delayed, so caution should always be exercised when dealing with this type of information.

We learned an interesting tidbit via Reddit, and again it’s not official, but it was shared by Nick Spesch on the latest XboxEra podcast. Apparently, according to past rumors, Microsoft was very interested in buying Capcom, but it didn’t happen. Something similar may have happened to Sega, but we don’t know much more than their good relationship since the days of the first Xbox.

Sega and Capcom from Microsoft’s point of view

As we told you a few days ago, Microsoft is looking for a publisher in Japan. For now, the company has focused its efforts on the West, but it looks like the next turning point will be a return to the Land of the Rising Sun studio. All of this information puts the spotlight back on Sega and Capcom, two major Japanese companies that have flirted with Microsoft in the past.

For now, all eyes are on the Activision purchase closing in the coming months. Only then will they know what the next step is and which studio they want to add to Xbox Game Studios.

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