Hasan Ikusen is appearing before a Belgian judge after a European arrest warrant has been issued against him

Hassan Iquioussen conteste devant la justice belge, le mandat d’arrêt européen émis à son encontre

AA/Nice/Feïza Ben Mohamed

Imam and lecturer Hasan Ikusen challenged a European arrest warrant issued against him by France before a Belgian judge, his lawyer Lucy Simon announced in a press release Monday evening.

“Council Chamber should examine in a few days the legal question of double criminality, French law and Belgian law, the crime of evading removal proceedings,” Imam argued.

“On the day Hassan Iqusen left French territory, the expulsion decision was suspended by the emergency application judge of the Administrative Court of Paris and the Council of State has not yet ruled on its annulment,” the lawyer assures. At the moment he left France, no deduction from the amount of removal could be seriously objected to, as the same measure had not even been effected.

“After rejecting any legal logic of such a European Arrest Warrant, it must be remembered that it is generally used in criminal cases, one can only wonder about its political motives and panic that they are published by the public prosecutor’s office and the investigation. Judge. So our eyes are on the Belgian judiciary. turning to the authorities,” writes Maitre Simon in his press release.

The latter condemns “the pressure of a French executive eager for a media trophy to serve a disastrous legislative agenda” and, given the situation, considers the various declarations of Interior Minister Gerald Dorman to be “removed”. Imam from France, but to imprison him in France … in view of the cameras”.

For good reason, this last argument, raised by the lawyer of Hassan Iqusen, even if his client is returned to France, “Morocco is not really guaranteed to remove him, because the Moroccan authorities are at this moment. It has withdrawn his laissez-passer”.

As a reminder, an imam and lecturer of Moroccan origin was arrested on Friday in Belgium, where he sought asylum and was forced to leave French territory after failing to renew his residence permit.

After him, several dozen imams or community leaders of foreign origin could be targeted by the same measure.

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