Highly accurate mapping of human organs established using synchrotron

Highly accurate mapping of human organs established using synchrotron


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In Grenoble, a team of scientists uses the synchrotron, a unique piece of equipment that makes it possible to connect fossils to our bodies. Thanks to this highly accurate instrument, he establishes a diagram of human organs to better understand the function of our body.

In Grenoble (Isère), a team of scientists has created a representation of the entire human brain in three dimensions with unprecedented precision. It is 500 times more detailed than a medical X-ray. These images are obtained by the synchrotron, Grenoble particle accelerator. It’s a great scanner to make X-rays. It allows you to explore the heart of the matter.

Paleontologist Paul Daforo He was one of the first to use it to go back in time before using it on our anatomy. “For nearly 20 years, we’ve been developing different imaging techniques in fossils, but by mixing them all together to create a kind of super imaging technique, we have all the pieces of the puzzle to succeed. The level of sensitivity, which allows us to see the inside of organs down to the cellular level.Paul explains Daforo. A paleontologist leads an international scientific team to establish this map of human organs to better understand our organism’s function.

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