Two works by director Saad Cryby emphasize the preservation of our memory

Two works by director Saad Cryby emphasize the preservation of our memory

Tunisia celebrates the International Day of Older Persons today under the theme “For Better Care of the Elderly”. A positive opportunity to focus attention on this type of people who end their lives badly in Tunisia.

Seniors are our elders. They gave us life, accompanied us to take our first steps, speak our first words, study, find a job, get married. We can read the joy on their faces at every stage of our lives. They share our joys and sorrows. They stand by us in the most difficult times. They are the only ones who believe that we are innocent even if we are involved in a few crimes. They spend their lives supporting us until the day they discover that they lived a little and enjoyed life a little.

In the twilight of their lives, they find themselves lonely, lonely and lonely. They don’t ask for help because they think they will be with their children. But it is at this precise moment that their children ask their grandchildren to take care of them. They start the same journey again with their grandchildren, showering them with the love and affection they need in return. But one day, they discover the vagaries of aging.

When chronic diseases and pathologies related to their advanced age begin to affect their physical and mental abilities, they become dependent and need help. It is at this precise moment that they become a “burden” to the family.

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