The families of the disappeared are raising their voices

According to a press release of the Follow-up Committee of the Documentation Committee on the Migration of the Missing Moroccan Young Candidates, visa restrictions imposed by several European countries, which are considered “unfair”, are responsible for this situation. A gross violation of international human rights treaties, which guarantee the right to freedom of movement.

Over the recognition of the identity of missing or dead people, angry families have called for the process of carrying out DNA to reveal the identity of bodies in morgues to be simplified.

The committee renewed its call on EU countries, particularly Spain, France and the Maghreb, to publish lists and places of detention and to immediately release and hand over the remains of the dead. They also urged to remember that migration is a right and not a crime.

Furthermore, the families of the disappeared have expressed their determination to “continue murderous European policies linked to migration and immigration”.

It should be noted that many young Moroccans have disappeared following attempts to immigrate illegally to Europe from Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya or Turkey.

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