Artificial intelligence is taking over

Artificial intelligence is taking over
Ms. Tang Yu, the CEO of China’s Neteragon Websoft and its 6,000 employees, is the first robot to be appointed head of a company. H24 is available and she is not getting any salary. NetDragon Websoft

Analysis – The digital man is in the process of replacing “Homo Economicus”.

Mrs. Tang Yu Appointed CEO of NetDragon Websoft in September. A Chinese leader in video games and online education services headquartered in Fujian Province (opposite Taiwan). The Chinese multinational’s 6,000 employees now rely on this “girl” to be anything but a robot.“The appointment of Tang Yu reflects our commitment to fully embrace the use of artificial intelligence (AI) to transform the way we operate our business and ultimately drive strategic growth. NetDragon Websoft’s creator (in 1999) Liu Dejian explained in a press release, however, that he will retain the supporting role of “Managing Director”.

This is a world first: Nowhere in factory workshops, robots have had access to the boardroom. The new president will not receive a salary or stock options, it said. However, it gets…

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