Iranian drones are the new dream of the Ukrainian military

Iranian drones are the new dream of the Ukrainian military

Iran has supplied Russia with “hundreds of drones” that target civilian infrastructure and destroy Ukrainian armor and howitzers on the battlefield.

In Ukrainian skies, Moscow detects a march on Ukraine His brilliant and successful counter attack. For weeks, kamikaze drones and other explosives appeared in the south as in the east and on the front near Kherson, destroying tanks, howitzers or troop transport vehicles. Civilian infrastructure in Odessa was also targeted Or Mikolaiv.

They are very difficult to see on radar“, a Ukrainian soldier recently explained on American television, and asked for the delivery of radar and anti-aircraft equipment. Identified by military experts, the equipment in question is Iranian-made. The Shahed-136 is a pair of drones with a range of 2000 km and a maximum speed of 180 km per hour. “One acts as a tracking and targeting missile while the other acts as a guided missile“, explains Igor Delano, Deputy Director of the Franco-Russian Laboratory in Moscow.

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