Imam Hasan Ikusen was arrested in Belgium

Imam Hasan Ikusen was arrested in Belgium

Franco-Moroccan imam Hassan Iqusen. DR

After more than a week on the run, Imam Hassan Iguesen was arrested in Belgium, French news agency AFP reported, citing the Belgian justice minister.

As a reminder, the target of the expulsion decision of the French Ministry of the Interior is the imam, who has only Moroccan nationality, to be deported to the kingdom. The person concerned had decided to extradite himself by moving to Belgium once the decision to leave French territory had been formalized. Since then, France has issued an international arrest warrant against him.

For its part, Morocco, after initially granting Iguezson a diplomatic pass, announced its withdrawal. The result comes at a time Where diplomatic relations between Paris and Rabat experience tensions, France’s position on the Western Sahara issue was considered ambiguous, above all because of Emmanuel Macron’s visit to Algeria.

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