Google will quickly notify you if a search concerns you


If someone types your name into Google, the internet company should notify you.

Google is finally catching up The right to be forgotten and manage their information online. The search engine has announced several measures to strengthen the security and integrity of its users online. It will be easier now from next year Delete information about yourself. Can be alerted during a named search.

Of course, Google can alert you if a web user searches for your name, your phone number, or your address (newspaper articles are excluded from the computer) from a web corporation’s search engine. If you have already activated a dedicated tool.

Removed from Google, but not from the web

Once alerted by GAFAM, it is possible for the concerned user Request deletion of relevant information, as a direct application of the right to be forgotten – which at present appears to be more of an abstraction than an actual applicable text. Apparently, Google doesn’t have a grip on the entire Internet. Information may be removed from search engines, but Not from the page that hosts it Remembers the American company.

“Even if Google removes content from search, it can still be on the Internet”

The only real solution to make a photo or video disappear is: “Contact the webmaster of the site and ask him to remove the content“. Mountain View sincerely acknowledges the weakness for the company, but above all it is a blow to those who are faced with defamatory, erroneous or outdated content. However, this initiative already represents the first significant step: Google – by far – the most used search engine in the world. Removing information from its pages is most of the world. making it inaccessible to internet users.

For now, only a few users have access to this new tool. It should go on air in the coming months for final deployment internationally from early next year.

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