Psychological persecution of women and poor people is less accessible, denigrating Christian mutuality

Women and the economically vulnerable are at risk of developing psychological problems due to poverty, discrimination and the mental burden on their well-being. However, according to a study by Christian Mutual (MC) on Thursday, it is precisely these people who have the most difficulty accessing psychological care.

Brakes is plural, referring to the latter: difficulty diagnosing problems, but also getting adequate help, making appointments, and paying for these services. In the case of depression, those experiencing financial problems were more likely to turn to medication (73%, compared to 62% of the wealthy) than to pursue psychotherapy (39% compared to 51%).

Concerns about costs

Although some are shy (17%), above all the concern about costs (cited by 59% of those who are economically vulnerable) stands as a decisive obstacle. In addition, discrimination, multiple responsibilities to be accepted on a daily basis and the resulting mental burden weigh heavily on women, another group at risk, MC notes.

The cost of psychological help worries them more (33%) than men (24%). Women are more likely to experience problems with dating (4%) than men (1%). “The provision in place is inadequate to reach these disadvantaged groups where mental health problems disrupt all other aspects of life.“Elizabeth Decris, vice president of Christian Mutual, notes.”Treatments reimbursed by complementary insurance are widely used by our members and the demand for them is real. But the reimbursement of this care must be rethought to make it accessible to all, regardless of financial means.“, she concludes.

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