Beaches: French beaches are shrinking due to erosion

Beaches: French beaches are shrinking due to erosion



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Over time, French beaches are shrinking due to erosion. It is an invention of the National Geographic and Forest Information Corporation. Faced with this event, 126 municipalities have been classified as priorities.

French beaches are eroded year after year by seas and rising waters. From the sky, across the Atlantic from the English Channel to the Mediterranean, France is shrinking. Due to global warming, the land is disappearing and being swallowed by the waves. In Soulac-sur-Mer (Gronde)Seas have risen by 250 meters in less than a century, or nearly four meters per year.

“In 50 years, a land area equivalent to 30 km² has disappeared. 30 km² is about 24,000 Olympic swimming pools”Swann explains LamarcheExpert from National Geographic and Forest Information Institute (IGN). La Tranche-sur-Mer (Wendy) One of the most exposed municipalities in France. Powerless people see the coast disappear little by little. Wood dyes, once effective, no longer suffice. So the town hall invested more than 100,000 euros in stronger dams to repel the waves. In France, 126 municipalities are classified as priorities facing erosion.

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