Why you need to update your WhatsApp quickly

Why you need to update your WhatsApp quickly

A critical flaw that allows hackers to install software on your smartphone without your knowledge.

Meta issues warning: Instant messaging app WhatsApp has a major vulnerability that could expose hundreds of millions of smartphones to hacks. The US company is urging users to update the software as soon as possible.

The flaw in question has been fixed with the latest software update. Users who install it pose no risk.

However, for others, the risk of hacking is very real, as older versions of the software allow hackers to run code remotely. A bug in video calling functionality could allow malicious actors to remotely hack devices. Once inside the computer, hackers can install all kinds of software and gain access to all your data.

It is currently unknown if the flaw has been actively exploited. Since the information is now public, it seems obvious that hackers will try to exploit this flaw.

If you have configured your device correctly, your WhatsApp application will automatically update when you are connected to a Wi-Fi network. You can check the status by logging into the App Store or Play Store, searching for WhatsApp and checking whether the update is available or not. If so, use it soon, as the meta insists that the drawback is critical.

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