How is Morocco perceived by foreign countries?

How is Morocco perceived by foreign countries?

According to a report on Morocco’s reputation in the world conducted by the Royal Institute for Strategic Studies (IRES), Morocco’s image in the world remains “positive”, ranking 32nd in the world. ). The kingdom is well regarded in China and has a bad reputation in Spain.

In 2022, this report, produced in collaboration with the “Laboratory of Reputation”, an international company specializing in the field of nation branding, indicates that Morocco has a good image in the G7 + Russia.

Morocco ranks 32nd out of 60 countries with the highest GDP. The kingdom’s score reached 48.6 points, not far from the average of 49.4 points for major world economies.

With its ranking of 32 out of 72 assessed by two research firms, Morocco has a good reputation, similar to that of the United States.

Its reputation is better than that of Chile, Vietnam or South Korea and BRICS countries (Russia, Brazil, India, China).

The Kingdom has the best reputation compared to all analyzed Arab and African countries.

Since 2019, the country has significantly improved its image abroad, especially in the G7 countries and Russia, in terms of development status, organizational quality and ethics and responsibility.

These dimensions contribute more to the creation of Morocco’s image profile, which was previously based mainly on aspirational values, the report points out.

“This opens up positive opportunities to further enhance the kingdom’s external reputation,” the IRES report said.

Among the G7+ Russia countries, Morocco enjoys a moderate reputation with a stable reputation indicator, rising slightly by +0.3 points to stand at 48.6 points. Morocco’s improvement was most notable in China, where it scored 12.6 points.

As a reminder, Morocco’s reputation indicator put it at its lowest level in 2015 since the study began, before moving to a moderate level in 2022.

Countries with the best opinion of Morocco are Australia, Egypt and France, with the exception of China, which saw its score increase in 2022. In contrast, the study notes that the Kingdom has low scores in South Korea, Sweden and especially Spain. .

In some countries, Morocco needs to be better known to improve its reputation, as the level of knowledge of the country is below the average in the category of 60 countries with the highest GDP. Morocco’s familiarity with these countries reached 69% against an average of 75%.

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