Morocco’s reputation in the world will be stable in 2022

Morocco's reputation in the world will be stable in 2022

The evolution of Morocco’s reputation in the world is positive, registering an improvement in most of the analyzed countries. According to a report drawn up by the Reputation Lab on behalf of the Royal Institute for Strategic Studies (IRES), the most significant increases were achieved in China and Morocco (+12.6 points and +10.9 points respectively).

The Report Compiled by Reputation Lab on behalf ofIRES This is the eighth edition of the annual analysis of the perception of the Kingdom of Morocco among the general population of the most influential countries from an economic, political, social and cultural point of view. The data analyzed in this report comes from a large-scale study, Repcore Nations 2022, whose fieldwork was conducted in March and April 2022.

RepCore Nations variables include, among other things, the economic, political, social and cultural environment in which a country lives, as well as its ability to attract tourists, investors or buyers of its products and services. The attributes used to analyze the reputation of countries are 22 in number. Based on factor analysis, they are grouped into five dimensions: ethics and transparency, institutional quality, quality of life, level of development and the human factor. The RepCore Nations methodology also analyzes respondents’ intentions to visit the country, invest there, buy its products or services, or live, study, or work there.

Rational levers of repcore countries

The study’s fieldwork was carried out by surveying a sample of the general public in 27 countries about their perceptions of Morocco and other countries. Although the analysis of Morocco’s reputation is carried out in comparison to four reference countries selected by IRES (Turkey, South Africa, Mexico and Chile), the study includes an analysis of the reputation of a much larger group of countries.

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For the purpose of establishing an international ranking, a homogeneous group of 60 countries was selected (using GDP as the selection criterion) and their reputation was analyzed by questioning citizens from the most industrialized countries. Additionally, 12 countries (unstandardized) were included in the analysis, for a total of 72 countries. In order to maintain comparability of the 2022 study with previous editions, this report uses public opinion from eight countries as a common context for analysis: the countries that make up the G7 (Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom and the United States) and Russia.

Morocco’s reputation remains stable in 2022, registering a slight increase of 0.3 points in its public reputation indicator, which stands at 48.6 points on the RepCore scale, which corresponds to moderate reputation according to the Reputation Lab’s ethical scale. This score ranks 33rd among the 72 countries analyzed for reputation in this survey conducted among the general population of the G7 countries + Russia. Morocco’s reputation index is similar to countries such as the United States, Argentina, Israel or the Dominican Republic.

If we consider only the group of 60 countries with the highest GDP, Morocco ranks 32nd, with a score very close to the average of all major economies (49.4 points against an average of 48.6 points). Morocco’s level of knowledge is lower than the average of the same countries (69% on the familiarity indicator with an average of 75%), so there is A communication opportunity to improve it and positively influence reputational capital.

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Australia, Egypt, France and China are the countries where Morocco has the best reputation. The opinion of Morocco registers the lowest scores in South Korea, Sweden and especially Spain. For the first time in the series history, Morocco is ahead of the four main countries compared, after overtaking Chile last year.

Evolution of the reputation of Morocco and destination countries in the G7 and Russia between 2013 and 2022

Among the former G8 countries, Morocco receives its best reputation index in France, while in Japan and Italy, the country receives its lowest rating, with a low reputation. An analysis of the evaluation of the 5 dimensions of the sample conducted with public opinion shows that the “quality of life” dimension in Morocco has a reputation very close to the average of the 60 countries with the highest GDP. Conversely, “level of development” is the dimension on which its perception deviates most from the average of major economies. Comparing Morocco to its four criteria in the rational dimensions of reputation, Chile is the best rated country in the dimensions of “institutional quality”, “ethics and responsibility” and “level of development”, while Turkey is the best. Evaluation is done on dimensions. “Quality of Life” and “Human Factor”. Despite not being the best-rated country in any of the five dimensions, Morocco receives the best overall rating, driven by a positive emotional aura that contrasts with the negative auras of Turkey and Chile.

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Analyzing the evolution of the dimensions of Morocco’s reputation in the historical series starting in 2015, a steady increase in the characteristics of the dimensions “ethics and responsibility”, “level of development” and “institutional quality” is observed for 2018. and 2022. Attributes of the “Quality of Life” and “Human Factors” dimensions show highly erratic behavior over the years.

Morocco’s internal reputation compared to its external reputation

While Morocco’s external reputation has remained stable between 2021 and 2022 (+0.3 points), its internal reputation has seen an impressive increase (+10.9 points). The Internal Reputation Index reached 63.4 points, indicating a strong, near-excellent reputation on the Reputation Lab’s ethical scale. Among the 16 countries where internal reputation was measured, Morocco’s indicator experienced the most significant increase. This is the highest internal reputation score recorded in the historical series collected since 2015.

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