Solar storm: Sun ejects plasma over 1.5 million km, largest coronal mass ejection ever seen? Breathtaking video

An unusual scene. This Sunday, astrophysicist Andrew McCarthy is responsible for the best account instagram @cosmic_backgroundShared exception documents: A large Plasma explosion on the surface the sun several hours.

A explosion Where solar storm This caused a large amount of plasma to be released “Using a special telescope, it allowed him to pick up wavelengths of light invisible to the human eye, namely the hydrogen alpha wavelengths emitted by the Sun’s hydrogen atoms”, Newsweek details.

“Today the Sun produced the largest coronal mass ejection I’ve ever seen. Here’s my composite photo, created by taking hundreds of thousands of images over several hours using a modified, specially designed telescope.”, McCarthy writes on Instagram.

1 million miles

The Coronal Mass Ejections (CME) were filmed for 6 hours and according to the author of the film will cover a distance of one million miles, or more than 1.5 million kilometers.

Don’t panic if the CME has effects on Earth, especially power grids or satellites. The distance separating the Earth from the Sun is 150 million kilometers.

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