A promotional video confirms the Core i9-13900K’s 5.8 GHz

A promotional video confirms the Core i9-13900K's 5.8 GHz

A flagship of Raptor Lake apps; Until the Core i9-13900KS arrives?

Intel will showcase its Raptor Lake processors tomorrow as part of its innovation event (and launch Arc A770) We will publish our file on this 13th generation core later in the afternoon, when the ban is lifted. A promotional video published by Polish retailer x-com, now retracted, claimed a frequency of the range-topping Core i3-13900K: 5.8 GHz.

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This frequency has been postulated by several leaks, but naturally, these remain speculative. 5.8 GHz frequency is for P-cores; According to e-cores it tops out at 4.7 GHz Initial testing of the Core i9-13900K. If 5.8 GHz already represents a good increase compared to the previous generation (5.2 GHz for the Core i9-12900K and 5.5 GHz for Core i9-12900KS), CDI (Israel Development Center) during the 2022 technical tour, mentioned A chip capable of going up to 6 GHz : Maybe a future Core i9-13900KS.

Intel Raptor Lake: Core i5-13600 and lower processors… Alder Lake

5.7 GHz on the Ryzen 7000 side

27th September is the marketing day Ryzen 7000 processors. The Ryzen 9 7950X isn’t far behind the Core i9-13900K, as it tops out at 5.7GHz. The release of Raptor Lake Desktop is expected in mid-October.

Processor are dying Cores / threads Maximum boost frequency, L2+L3 cache TDP (PBP?/MTP)
Core i9-13900K(F) Raptor Lake B0 8P+16E/32T 5.8GHz 32+36 MB 125W/253W
Core i9-13900(F) Raptor Lake B0 8P+16E/32T 5.6GHz 32+36 MB 65W/(?)
Core i7-13700K(F) Raptor Lake B0 8P+8E/24T 5.4GHz 24+30 MB 125W/253W
Core i7-13700(F) Raptor Lake B0 8P+8E/24T 5.2GHz 24+30 MB 65W/(?)
Core i5-13600K(F) Raptor Lake B0 6P+8E/20T 5.1GHz 20+24 MB 125W/181W
Core i5-13600 Alder Lake C0 6P+8E/20T Not determined 11.5+24MB 65W/(?)
Core i5-13500 Alder Lake C0 6P+8E/20T Not determined 11.5+24MB 65W/(?)
Core i5-13400(F) Alder Lake C0 6P+4E/16T 4.6GHz 9.5+20MB 65W/(?)
Core i3-13100 Alder Lake H0 4P+0E/8T Not determined 5+12 MB 60W/(?)
Figure 2: A promotional video confirming the Core i9-13900K's 5.8 GHz

Source: Video cards

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