The strike will disrupt the movement of goods to and from Algiers

The strike will disrupt the movement of goods to and from Algiers
By Safey Hadri On 09/25/2022 at 2:10 PM.

Port of Algeciras - Southern Spain - Port operation

Port of Algeciras, southern Spain.

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Cargo traffic through the port of Algiers is likely to be disrupted in the coming days. The Spanish Association of Road Transport Professionals (TIR) ​​has called for a strike starting tomorrow, Monday, September 26, 2022.

Truck drivers who are members of the National Platform for the Safety of the Transport Sector, a Spanish professional association, have called for a strike starting Monday, September 26. According to Local mediaAlmost 600 independent workers operating at the port of Algeciras called the strike to protest their conditions, which they consider “unsustainable” at the port, accounting for approximately 80% of the sector.

Other operators refused to participate in the protest and said they would continue with their normal operations. “As a transport company and a solution provider for international transport, SJL fully understands the challenges of the sector. Our decision is to support this strike and maintain the service we provide to our customers,” he assured.

The agency also points out that it is difficult to predict the extent of the strike, however steps have been taken to minimize its impact on port operations and ensure the safety of employees, vehicles and goods in transit.

“SJL has advanced some journeys to Sunday, September 25 to free up traffic on Mondays and ensure continuity of its services. We also organized a crisis call to gather and share information, take decisions and maintain internal and external communication and coordination,” the committee said in its letter.

By Safae Hadri

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