Stellaris is back… with an unreleased VR game on PC

Stellaris is back... with an unreleased VR game on PC

Paradoxical interaction Gives us an income its master licensesBut with a twist: Ghost Signal is the next game in the series StellarisAnd it was created Fast travel games. If players are familiar with the name of the game (that famous endgame event), the twist is real Ghost Signal will be In virtual reality.

It’s about a Roguelite It makes us the captain of a ship willing to do anything to prevent the end of the universe, but still taking time Explore the galaxy. The idea is very interesting because many of us want to be more immersed in our games Stellarisand add A role-playing page To galactic peace. Because it will definitely be here Ghost Signal 4X will allow you to encounter many creatures from the game; In the same fashion, A technical tree Allowing us to gradually upgrade our ship.

You can find the trailer here Ghost Signal Below:

If the Fast Travel Games project sounds very interesting, there is one big problem: Ghost Signal Specially developedE Meta Quest 2. With virtual reality games already on the PC, it’s surprising that Paradox Interactive is favored. A peculiarity On an American company device, not on our good old machines. Maybe it is One that is driven by the game, compared to the possibilities offered compared to Meta Quest 2? However, the concept Ghost Signal Looks really interesting, so hopefully we’ll see it become more widespread on PC one day!

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