did you know ? There is a trick to getting the cursor right on the phone

did you know ?  There is a trick to getting the cursor right on the phone

There are many tips and shortcuts to get the most out of your smartphone. You know that process that allows you to place the cursor exactly between two characters without having to tap the screen until you hit the right spot?

You have all the trouble in the world getting the cursor right in your text area SkilledAt the time Send SMS, for example ? Do you have to repeat a word 17 times before you succeed in positioning yourself between two letters? The good news: There’s a trick that lets you wedge the cursor in place without hammering your touchscreen in desperation.

This tactic is not new, but it is ignored by many – including the editorial staff of Numerama. However, this is decisive for a more user-friendly user experience: no need to struggle to place the cursor on the right letter or the right word. You need to mobilize the “Space” bar.

Place the cursor with Android

iOS keyboard demo
An example with iOS to place the cursor correctly. // Source: Screenshot

If you have one android smart phone, the trick is to place the cursor close to where you want it to be. Then, by long-pressing the “Space” bar of the virtual keyboard, and then moving your finger left or right (while always on the “Space” bar), you can move the cursor all the way. Tax.

Depending on how fast you move your finger on the “space” bar, the cursor will move faster or slower. Slow down to move from letter to letter or speed up to go through a whole sequence of words. It depends on the quality of your first place with the finger on the touch screen. If your first support is too difficult, you can change yourself.

Position the cursor with iOS

on the sideiOS, the functionality is similar, but there are differences in terms of user experience and interface. Therefore, by playing with the “Space” bar, it is possible with a long press again to put the cursor in the right place. Then, the entire keyboard is used to move through the text, not just the “space” bar on Android.

iOS offers an alternative for more precise aiming. This method consists of long pressing the text entered on the keyboard. This causes a “bubble” to emerge just above the finger, allowing you to wedge yourself without missing a beat. The bubble always has the effect of highlighting the text being edited.


Source: Nino Barbie for Numerama with image from Linda Hinton at Unsplash

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