Smackdown: What happened at 9:23?

Smackdown: What happened at 9:23?

WWE continued their “White Rabbit” teaser this week on SmackDown. A few days ago during RAW, we were given an appointment via QR code for this Friday, September 23 at 9:23 am, which means from Friday to Saturday at 3:23 pm French time.

What happened this time? No! And finally… we were treated to an ad from State Farm, an American company specializing in insurance. In short, there was no Bray Wyatt or anyone else in sight.

Luckily, the “White Rabbit” didn’t completely give up on us as he was able to see the QR code twice during Smackdown. After winning the mini-game, we see a series of GPS coordinates at first glance. Put them on Google Maps and see where it takes us.

Don’t let the suspense last any longer: The QR code will redirect us to Rogers Place, the arena in Edmonton, Canada that will host RAW next Monday.. followed by the next number.

With no change, the fans inside the SmackDown arena were treated to this during the commercial break:

Photo credit: WWE

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