Senegal: Brotherhood is Islam, a factor of peace, harmony and national stability

#Senegal : With over 94% Muslims, Senegal is one of the most Islamized countries in Black Africa. Although the constitution does not make Islam the religion of the Republic of Senegal, the country is considered a Muslim country.

In Senegal, if Muslims recognize the existence of one God, all or nearly all of them have a marabout, that is, a spiritual guide who reminds them of divine precepts and plays the role of orderly society. On several occasions, the Marabouts intervened to calm the political game.

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Today, if there is peace in Senegal, it is largely thanks to the action of these marabouts who adorn the walls of urban areas and sometimes the chests of the faithful who worship them. Jihadism, which has been on the country’s doorstep for years, has never crossed Senegal’s borders. Many Senegalese believe that the fraternal Islam practiced in the country has no room for religious extremism.

Whether they are Laymen, Mourids, Kathars or Tidjanis, these different brotherhoods live in perfect harmony in Senegal.

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