Power Sobriety: Electricity forecast soon on TV

l’Winter promises to be harsh, and as temperatures are already cooling, fears of power outages are on the rise. In the face of the current energy crisis, the measures to be taken to avoid power cuts this winter, in particular Ecowatt, the Electric weather forecasting, on its antennas.

General Audiovisual Group President Delphine Ernot and RTE (Electrical Transport Network), Xavier Piechasic, Manager of High and Very High Voltage Lines, signed an “unprecedented partnership” in this direction on Friday.

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On its antennas, France Délé will, when the time comes, display pictograms designed as part of the Ecowatt system, allowing users to see in real time the amount of electricity available in the country signaled in three colors: green (normal), orange (tension) and red (high tension, to reduce consumption corresponding to inevitable cuts if nothing is done).

In particular, TV viewers will be invited to change their habits according to the on-screen graphic, eg they should moderate their consumption between 8am and 12pm and 6pm and 8pm, during peak hours.

“Pay attention when it’s needed”

If your TV doesn’t need to be turned off and isn’t too energy-intensive, “for example, you can start your washing machine at 10pm instead of 7pm,” Delphine Ernott explains to AFP. Remembering that heating and cooking are very energy intensive, you can postpone cooking your “zucchini gratin” between 7pm and 7:45pm.

Many of the gestures made known to the public by France Delaware, “4 out of 5 French people every week”, says public service requester Delphine Ernot, especially during information programs or “weather and climate” bulletins. task.

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It’s not a question of “stopping France”, only “being careful when necessary”, insists Xavier Pechasic, who believes that “we can save at least 5% of electricity at 7pm”.

According to France Délé, the initiative is part of a wider “environmental change” to respond to the “climate emergency”, especially the creation of a “climate group” among journalists or places affected by the crisis “routine displacement” at 1 pm on France 2…

The Group is committed to respecting various internal energy efficiency measures such as switching off lights in all its buildings from 9:30 p.m.

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