Lionel Nakache, discreetly

Lionel Nakache, discreetly

He is a researcher, physician and one of our best French neuroscientists. For this Friday, a great portrait: Lionel Nakache is our guest.

Known for his discoveries about the mechanics of consciousness, his work has disrupted our concept of subjectivity. He showed that the brain is a machine that represents the world, a machine that creates meaning and story. Our mind constantly spends time reconstructing motion, but not only that. After questioning this inner cinema, Lionel Nakache Elaborates a unique theory of perception.

Today’s report

Inside the Pitié-Salpêtrière Hospital in Paris, Lionel Nacache opens the doors of his laboratory to us at the Brain Institute, where he studies through his PICNIC “Neuropsychology and functional neuroimaging”, which he directs together with Laurent Cohen and Paolo Bartolomeo. Mechanisms of Consciousness and Its Strange Manifestations of Consciousness. Celine Luzon :

LA_SCIENCE_CQFD – Report with Lionel Nacache on ICM and Pitié-Salpêtrière MV3

10 minutes

Documentary sources

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Lionel Nakache: “The Conscience Examiner” (Sorbonne University)

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“Inner Cinema”: Our brain, this studio where we make movies (World, 2020)

Lionel Nakache: “Our perception of the world is an active construction.” Mathias Germain (La Recherche)

Lionel Nakache: “Neurology is still in a phase of wonder” (World, 2018)

“An essential property of consciousness is the creation of meaning” by Benoit de La Fonchais (Mag Cortex)

The concept of minimal consciousness needs to be reconsidered (for science)

58 minutes


Publications of Lionel Nacache

The Indoor Cinema – Private Screening at the Center of Consciousness Lionel Nakache published by Odile Jacob in 2020

Are you talking brains? Lionel Nakache published by Odile Jacob in 2020

We are all learned women Lionel Nakache published by Odile Jacob in 2020

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