In Google, there is a shortcut to remove links that reveal your data

In Google, there is a shortcut to remove links that reveal your data

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Google is making its tools around the right to be forgotten a little easier. In search results, its mobile app comes with an option to report a problematic link.

Google is building its tools The right to be forgotten. The American company is currently using a new option in its search engine, which will appear directly in the results of the query. This option will act as a shortcut: it will be provided next to each link, on a page like yours Personal information.

We know from this spring Google’s plan to make it easier to de-index web pages that reveal contact information – Phone number, email or postal address etc. In its presentation, the company lists the data that gives it the right to delete a link. There were images of signatures, bank details or official documents.

A shortcut to Google results



The arrival of this option is indicated on the site 9 to 5 Google As of September 20, 2022, progressive. It appears in Mountain View Company’s mobile app and takes the form of a visible vertical ellipse next to each URL after a search.

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