Fifty: Adixia admits she feels bad psychologically!

In the story of his Instagram account, Adixia (Les Cinquante) admitted to his fans that he is in a lot of mental pain!

For a few weeks now, Adixia has been at Les Cinquante. On the other hand, she is more sensible of the adventure and leaves her lover Simon Castaldi. He took care of the strategy. His fans noticed that he was fading more and more.

A Tough Year for Addiction (Les Cinquante)

Adixia had a rough year. When she got to the rest of the world, she learned of Simon Castaldi (Les Cinquante). . If things go well, the young man is even worse.

In Les Cinquante, Simon Castaldi admits that he would end up in a bachelor party with all single women. Unfailingly shocking words Make Adisia angry. But that’s not all.

Fans of the pretty blonde also found her fading on the show. She interferes very little and lets her lover guide the strategy. And, she has .

A nasty surprise for Fanny and Jesse who were not expecting this at all. For good reason, both believed in Adixia. Her community struggled to recognize her. This week, she has Makes a confusing announcement.

In fact, this Monday, September 19, the candidate of the program Les Cinquante spoke. On the story of her Instagram account, she shared a message A lot of fans were worried.

For good reason, she wrote: “I’m not feeling well psychologically at the moment… the stories are a little off now, I can’t act anymore. She didn’t want to say more for now.

“These bad times shall pass”

For his part, Simon Castaldi (Les Cinquante) responds to his love story. He wrote: “This bad time will pass. i will be Always for you. See you tomorrow dear ».

Despite this disturbing news, Adixia (Les Cinquante) has not completely disappeared from social networks. In fact, he gave some news to his fans. She explained that she had done some shopping for the house.

The young woman admitted that it did her a lot of good. As of now, he has not disclosed any further information about his psychological condition. Its subscribers still believe Things will be better.

Others wonder if Adexia (Fifty) can speak to the matter. One thing is certain, she can count on the support of her love, The latter seems more appropriate for his love.

For his part, Benjamin Castaldi’s son announced that he would be calling the shots. For good reason, he admits he needs to heal from the wounds of his childhood. In an interview with Telestar, he gave the information.

The candidate of Les Cinquante then pointed out: “I had spasmophilia in RTM. Not everyone believes me, but I have suffered since I was 15 years old Strong anxiety attacks.

“I found myself dying the evening Adixia arrived on the adventure. I suffer from generalized anxiety and it weighs me down. (…) So I will go to therapy with a psychologist. But I don’t know how long. I’m too young to suffer”.

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