What’s New in This Major Update

What's New in This Major Update

After testing in the Windows Insider program, Microsoft releases a major Windows 11 update titled Windows 11 2022.

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We know that Microsoft is preparing an important update As of Windows 11 22H2. Finally, the company chose a more relaxed and easy-to-remember name: Windows 11 2022. This new version can now be downloaded for free and brings new features. Windows 11.

What’s New in Windows 11 2022

To deliver the new version of Windows, Microsoft is emphasizing improved performance and above all better security provided by Smart App Control, which can better check the reliability of applications one installs on one’s computer.

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But the new features that most users remember are related to interface changes. Windows 11-like Start Menu settings are highly customizable with folders and new layouts.

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This update replaces many minor interface elements of Windows 11, which will continue Microsoft’s modernization effort with the launch of the system in 2021. This is a new module settings for touchscreens.

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Windows 11’s excellent window management gets better with new layout options. A menu will now appear at the top of the screen allowing you to define what space the selected window should occupy. Ergonomic elements that are very practical on a daily basis.

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Microsoft has also worked on the sustainability of its ecosystem. The Game Bar is easy to use when using its interface with a controller. Players are also entitled to changes on the DirectX page. Windows 11 2022 specifically allows games in Windows mode to benefit from Auto HDR, Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) And very low system latency.

Windows 11 2022 Update AI Studio Effects-Scaled

Microsoft is finally making it easier to use its operating system’s AI and accessibility options. You can specify the possibility to automatically blur the background of your camera or make your view more natural.

Another update in October

As some rumors have suggested, Microsoft will also release lighter updates in the coming months to finish development of Windows 11 2022. An update is already planned for October.

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Specifically, it changes the File Explorer interface to better integrate with Favorites and OneDrive, but also adds tab management to Explorer. The Photos app will also get a major update in October and some improvements to the taskbar or clipboard.

Update to download and install now

Windows 11 2022 now becomes the latest version of the computer. It will now install as an update from Windows 10 on a compatible PC. For computers already on Windows 11, the update must be downloaded from Windows Update.

We asked about Microsoft Unsupported machines with Windows 11 installed To find out if they will benefit from Windows 11 2022. The company is yet to respond to our queries.

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