The first Xiaomi Aqara thermostatic head is coming to France

The first Xiaomi Aqara thermostatic head is coming to France

The Aqara brand, which is part of Xiaomi’s brand ecosystem, goes a step further by marketing a new product in France. It’s a thermostatic head, E1, compatible with HomeKit, Google Home or Alexa.

Aqara E1 Thermostatic Head // Source: Aqara

Connected to the ecosystem Xiaomi Smart Home, Xiaomi’s Aqara brand is mainly in China. It certainly wasn’t established in France, but She is getting there little by little. Last May, Akara was launched Smart Door Lock A100 ZigbeeA Attached lock It was not launched in Europe. This time, Akara goes a step further with us Attached thermostatic head E1.

Automate the adjustment of your heat

The attached thermostatic head replaces the head found on our radiators. Its role is to independently control the heat in each radiator. For E1, it can be fixed in “ Hydronic heaters including wall heaters, towel warmers and heated floors “.

Agara declares “ This radiator thermostat supports most radiator valves with its M30*1.5mm threaded connection and adapters for RA, RAV and RAVL1 valves. “. The Aqara E1 works with two AA batteries, which allows the thermostatic head to be used for a year.

Source: Akara

One of the arguments of the Chinese manufacturer is that its head can receive temperature readings from sensors attached to Akara. In some heads Classic This is an internal sensor whose readings can be distorted due to proximity to the radiator. In applications, the brand says that we can imagine a scene that reduces head heat ” When a door or window is open, it reduces energy wastage “.

A connected thermostatic head compatible with many home automation systems

The manufacturer declares that the connected object supports the ZigBee 3.0 protocol. He adds that he will be entitled to an OTA update via his ZigBee hub to support his E1 head. Material ethics.

Akara house
Akara Home App // Source: Akara

Its thermostatic head is already compatible HomeKit, Google Home, Alexa, Domestic helper And IFTTT. With the Akara Home application, you can program the radiators according to the hours of people’s presence. Heating can be activated when you return home or depending on the weather.

Aqara E1 connected thermostatic head Available on Amazon in France for 89.57 euros.

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