The Best Wide Receivers in NFL 2022

We cannot stress enough the importance of wide receivers. It is one of the most crucial positions on the offensive line. Usually, the fastest players on the team hold this spot, so they can pass the defenders and cover as many yards as possible in an attempt.

To have a deadly combination of a team, the quarterback needs support from a wide receiver. Along with the role of receiving the pass from the QB, a wide receiver also blocks the running plays of the opposition. He needs to block the cornerback. Although WR is not as strong as other players of the offence, a block for a second or two can be helpful.

The NFL has been lucky enough to witness some of the greatest wide receivers in the sport. Such names include Jerry Rice, Don Hutson, Randy Moss, and many more. This season is no short of wide receivers. There is a combination of veterans and youngsters. In the following list, we have compiled the best wide receivers in the NFL 2022.

Davante Adams

At the moment, Davante Adams is the hottest wide receiver. He is performing consistently and has earned a PFF grade of over 92 in the last two seasons. He is playing for the Las Vegas Raiders this season and has strengthened their roster.

The Raiders will fancy their chances of qualifying for the playoffs. Adams is yet to unleash his true potential as he has only finished three seasons with 1000 yards. He will surely eye the benchmark this season. Adams is a five-time Pro Bowler and was named to the All-Pro team twice in his last five seasons.

Cooper Kupp

The previous season was the best season so far for Cooper Kupp as the LA Rams’ wide receiver. It is almost impossible to match Kupp’s understanding of coverages, his ability to set up defenders, and his ability to find space after the catch.

He led the ranking charts for receptions, receiving yards, and touchdowns. Kupp played an integral part in the LA Rams winning the Super Bowl. He also covered 1000 yards and emerged as a solid WR. This season, he will continue with the Rams and hopefully continue his momentum and performances.

Tyreek Hill

He was all over the news when the Chiefs traded him to the Miami Dolphins. It was an unexpected move from the Chiefs, as Hill possesses speed like no other wide receiver. All traits of Hill, including agility, movements, and creating space, are hard to match. In his last six seasons, he crossed 1000 yards four times, was named to the All-Pro team three times, and Pro Bowler every season.

It will be interesting to how the Dolphins would adjust their throws or will it be Hill who will compromise? We expect to see cross patterns and screen passes, but knowing Hill and his previous records, pundits who bet on the NFL still rate Tyreek Hill to do well.

Stefon Diggs

In addition to being one of the best route runners in the game, Diggs is also one of the best catchers in the league. The separation rate which Diggs has achieved against single coverage, contested catch grade, and grade versus man coverage have all been at or above seventh since joining Buffalo.

In the last two seasons, Diggs covered over 1000 yards with 30 touchdowns. He is highly underrated and kept under the radar. However, the combination with the Bills and QB Josh Allen is perfect. This season will be the making of Diggs, and many believe the Bills have a high chance of winning the Super Bowl.

DeAndre Hopkins

Coming off an injury is never easy. On top of that, Hopkins is suspended for the first six games. Still, Hopkins is one of the premier wide receivers. Even in the last season, when he played only 10 games, he covered over 570 yards.

In the previous eight seasons, he has crossed 1000 yards six times and had over 100 receptions in four seasons. His drop rate is the second lowest in the NFL and always finishes on top of receiving grade rankings. Watching how the Cardinals manage their WR room will be interesting.

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