We tested iPhone 14 Pro’s “Active” mode on Jetski! Better than GoPro? (video)

We tested iPhone 14 Pro's "Active" mode on Jetski!  Better than GoPro?  (video)
It’s one of the main new features of the iPhone 14 Pro: Mode Stock It claims to rival the video stabilization of sports cameras.

Better than GoPro?

We decided to brave the seas to see what this new phone has in store 2 to fix the iPhone 4 Pro… a jetski! Obviously, the iPhone is not a GoPro, and we advise against such use, but you will see it Compared to the GoPro Hero 10, the iPhone isn’t ridiculous!

We tested iPhone 14 Pro’s “Active” mode on Jetski!

Impressive results

We tested  "action"  iPhone 14 Pro on Jetski!  Better than GoPro?  (Video)

As you can see in the video, the work done by Apple is quite impressive: Despite an unstable ultra-wide angle (no optical stabilization or sensor relocation), the result obtained is quite impressive.. The camera, located on the jetski, managed to deliver perfectly stable and fluid images throughout our shoot, despite being well abused. It’s also worth noting that the iPhone offers true HDR 10-bit Dolby Vision, which offers quite exceptional dynamic range for a compact device.

We tested  "action"  iPhone 14 Pro on Jetski!  Better than GoPro?  (video)

however, GoPro holds the advantage in its mode Hyper smooth Especially useful. Such is the fluidity Some may find the camera movements a bit flat at times – We can explicitly disable or reduce confirmation. The sports camera manufacturer is able to maintain a high resolution (4K60) with a 24MP sensor, in which Apple and more can crop. Little A 12MP sensor forced the resolution down to 2.8K.

The iPhone isn’t an action camera (yet?).

So, is the iPhone ready to replace the GoPro? At such quality, if it is well preserved, we can fully consider using it to film games relatively speaking ComplicatedMountain biking, (water) skiing or paragliding… The truth is, electronics and beautiful metal boxes don’t like sea water or repeated drops like a GoPro chassis.

We tested  "action"  iPhone 14 Pro on Jetski!  Better than GoPro?  (Video)

On the contrary, Apple could take some good ideas from these camerasA recording indicator on the back of the device, a dedicated button to record video/photo and above all a system to prevent the microphones from disconnecting when they come in contact with the slightest air or water.

We tested  "action"  iPhone 14 Pro on Jetski!  Better than GoPro?  (Video)

In the end, Fashion application Stock Especially useful for filming someone on foot, for example runningOr freehand in skiing or more sports the light. Knowing you have a GoPro feature in your pocket is the new willstring for iPhone, more versatile than ever in the video department!

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