The Flow Period Tracker app now offers an anonymous mode, which is good news

The Flow Period Tracker app now offers an anonymous mode, which is good news

Flo is one of its new mobile apps that allows you to follow your menstrual cycle, note your menstrual periods, the pain you experience, your health and alternatively, the app alerts its user a few days before the first day. Next cycle, ovulation period etc.

The app now offers Log in anonymously Without any information Health Do not pass on to anyone. This allows users to protect themselves against any accusations of premature miscarriage Prohibition time of Abortion In many US states.

That’s because period tracking apps—and most apps—sell our data to third parties, including companies, for advertising and marketing purposes. So this data is valuable in monitoring pregnancy (like it or not). Flo contains not only dates of users’ cycles, but also general data: name, email, alcohol consumption, tobacco, weight, height, frequency of intercourse.

Application Leaders He explained to The Verge This new function is directly linked to the change in US law, as it was created in early May and the law has not yet been amended. Even though Finally bad luck Many users are very concerned about the future of their personal health data if illegal abortions are suspected.

By using the anonymous mode, if the user ever loses his phone, his account cannot be restored and the application cannot be transferred to other connected objects, because some features of the paid version are not compatible with this mode. However, that doesn’t take away from the personalized aspect of follow-up that Flo offers.

For a company with 200 million downloads and 40 million monthly users, this is a new way of thinking about the Internet and a strong signal in favor of data anonymization.

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