Synchronized Hearts, Constipated Scorpions, and Rumored “Goodness” Are Impossible on the Menu of Nobel Prize Winners

Synchronized Hearts, Constipated Scorpions, and Rumored "Goodness" Are Impossible on the Menu of Nobel Prize Winners
Statue of LG Nobel Prize in October 2007.

A little more than two weeks after the Nobel Prize winners, with their essential commitment to serious matters, will stop the first days of October, their crazy but less scientific prelude took place on Thursday, September 15: the Ike Nobel ceremony. For those of you who are – and almost are – unforgiving of this interplanetary phenomenon, this year is 32e In version, let’s remember that the Ig Nobel Prizes (muddy words with the adjective “impossible”) reward researchers in so-called “impossible” science, which ask absurd questions about serious subjects. To use the empathetic definition that eventually prevailed, these are studies and experiences that make people laugh first and think later.

So we laugh a lot at this festival, but not with the lives of the audience. For the third year in a row, the awards ceremony was not held at the Saunders Theater at Harvard University (Cambridge, Massachusetts), where usually the schoolboy public sends paper airplanes on stage, where a girl, 8 years old, became brave. Hell, it tells winners to shut up when their acceptance speech drags on. As a symbol of the viral and digital age, the impossible on the Internet was celebrated under its patron American Mark Abrahams and almost sent out awards to the winners “in the presence” of real Nobel laureates. .

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Tradition has many works crowned with the human body and the 2022 vintage is no exception. So, in the “Cardiology” section, a study was singled out in which, in blind dating sessions, participants’ attraction was revealed by synchronizing their heartbeats (and by electrical activity recorded on their skin). ) which proves that identifying love with the heart is not so fancy.

An Ig Nobel Peace Prize

The Ig Nobel Prize in Medicine went to a team from the University of Warsaw, which brought to light that cryotherapy, a cold agent capable of reducing inflammation in the mouth following aggressive chemotherapy, achieved better results when performed in ice cream. Japanese researchers have won awards in engineering for discovering a better way to use fingers to turn a handle.

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