Ford's new Mustang runs Android with Unreal Engine

Ford’s new Mustang runs Android with Unreal Engine

The seventh generation of the iconic Ford Mustang is here. A 100% thermal mounted V8 engine… but with an infotainment system powered by Unreal Engine with an animated Android interface.

Ford – Mustang 3
Ford Mustang (2023) // Source: Ford

The legendary Mustang comes at a troubled time for cars: fuel costs are high, electric vehicles are on the rise and governments are cracking down on anything powered by a combustion engine. So, is the seventh-generation Mustang going hybrid or 100% electric? not right.

Ford – Mustang 2024 – 5
Ford Mustang (2023) // Source: Ford

Not only does it incorporate a 5-liter V8, but it’s more powerful than before. In total, the Ford pushes out 500 hp. You know, the last one Ferrari Prosangu Case in point, thermal cars are not our cup of tea. However, there is something about this Mustang that interests us.

Android everywhere!

Android is everywhere, including the automotive world. Some manufacturers use Android-Automotive, As in Volvo And RenaultOthers do it very cleverly Winfast. Ford, media on the edge Explains that the American manufacturer would have chosen the second option.

On paper, we end up with an infotainment system illustrated by a central 13.2-inch touchscreen equipped with in-house Sync 4 OS, which is Ford’s platform. F-150 Lightning And this Mustang Mach-E.


However, in the launch videos, we notice a brand new user interface built around video game maker Epic’s Unreal Engine. This Mustang, even if Ford doesn’t say it outright, First Ford to use Android. already announced Since few months.

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