Apple to expand iPhone 14’s satellite functionality to other countries!

Apple va étendre la fonction satellite de l’iPhone 14 à d’autres pays !

Apple Brand Announces Expanding Satellite Option of iPhone 14 to More Countries! We will give you more details.

Sorting at multiple levels? Apple announces that it wants to expand its satellite operation to other countries! MCE TV provides more details.

Satellite functionality of the iPhone 14

On September 7, the Apple brand He gave a new back-to-school keynote address. This time, Apple has decided to focus on brand safety.

Among the functions revealed, we discovered the Satellite option. It can be used when the iPhone user is out of range Wi-Fi or cellular connection.

This will allow you to send A short text message in case of problems. Actually, this option is only an emergency feature.

According to brand Apple says that in just 15 seconds, someone in danger can alert emergency services of their situation. These may be the latter The victim can easily be identified.

The American company has also provided some details on how this innovation works. He explains that the satellite option can Used in open spaces. With a clear view of the sky.

The brand clarified that there may be some fluctuations in the presence of trees or vegetation. But even if there are buildings in the area.

For now, this new option is available iPhone 14. But it is not extended to all countries. It is inaccessible US and Canada only for now. However, that could change for the better.

Apple to expand iPhone 14's satellite functionality to other countries!

Will it be available soon in France?

Recently, the Apple brand announced plans to expand its new satellite operation to other countries. For now, this is it Available in Canada and the US only.

The US company explained that it will sort out its option in several phases. But he hopes to start by the end of 2022. Without exact dates.

According to the MacPrime website, There is a Californian company It has already started work on expanding its new flagship operation. But it may take time.

As usual, Apple always launches its new options in the US. It later spread to other parts of North America. So Canada already has this option.

The company then attacks Japan and Western Europe. France and Belgium are often among the first countries Benefit from Apple’s innovations. In fact, they are often in the 2nd or 3rd wave of brand new services.

Depending on how the new option works, we imagine Apple won’t target areas that could cause problems. Significant People with disabilities. So not areas with hills and vegetation.

At this time, the brand is yet to provide details on the future deployment of its satellite option. So we have to wait for the official information from Apple. To understand what awaits us.

Meanwhile, iPhone users have the right A new system update. In fact, iOS 16 landed on Apple smartphones this Monday, September 12.

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