iOS 16 is finally available for all compatible devices

Apple was introduced iOS 16 As part of the conference last June WWDC. The new interface is now available for all iPhones released after 2017.

The American company has impressed users with the uniqueness of its in-house platform. It added features and updates that people requested about how the platform works. With iOS 16, every feature has been updated to meet user needs and requirements.

iOS 16
Apple credit

The availability of this new version of iOS coincides with the arrival iPhone 14.

Big changes

The biggest improvement brought by this new iOS update is worrying Unlock screen. Again Widgets From a calendar, to a battery icon, to a clock or alarm, just to name a few examples are included. There are also multiple unlock screens that require scrolling from left to right to switch. Additionally, the lock photo can be customized as desired. Another interesting possibility is being able to switch between different focus modes through the lock screen.

Courier Services Considerations were also made. Apple has added a function to cancel sending a message or email within a maximum of 2 minutes after sending it. Edited panel discussion.

Data protection is secure in Safari. Biometric data works in web applications and can be used as an access key to encrypted data. Combination between iPhone and Apple Watch Now has options for people with disabilities. iOS 16 has a special feature that will be of great use to the visually impaired: door detection. For this, the smartphone emits a sound or an alert Apple Watch.

Additional features

With iOS 16, Apple Pay We issue detailed receipts for all our purchases and can now track orders wallet. Content control for children is improved and activated automatically. Apple map It has also benefited from a facelift that makes lane selection faster. The choice between voice and typing when typing text is simplified. Can do without now Apple Watch Track exercise sessions. For its part, the health app lets you know which medications to prescribe.

My game Now integrated Apple news. You can follow the activities of your favorite teams and leagues. We’ll also notice the arrival of a new privacy protection function called Security check. This gives more choices in the permissions granted to people and applications. Sound rendering has been improved by adding a spatial effect. Finally, iCloud Offers a new photo sharing option.

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