Covid-19: Cameroon launches comprehensive survey on prevention

Covid-19: Cameroon launches comprehensive survey on prevention

#In other countries : The Covid-19 pandemic is not behind us. The Cameroonian government fears an increase in cases of pollution, which is more dangerous than before. An investigation has been initiated by the Ministry of Public Health.

The Ministry of Public Health and Epidemiological Center Epicenter have agreed to conduct the survey in 10 regions of Cameroon and will benefit from funding from the Africa CDC. Crossing urban areas will be a question for investigators to collect new information from people.

This data highlights, among other things, the methods of prevention against the Covid-19 pandemic adopted by the population, the number of people who have received at least one vaccine against the disease, and the underlying reasons why people push back against vaccines. , the negative impact of this epidemic on the health or economy of the victims and so on.

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This is the second survey to be conducted exclusively among households after 2021 and the epicentre plans future interventions to combat the disease effectively.

A survey of people living in 10 regional capitals of Cameroon who consented to participate and randomly selected households. 5,200 households will be visited in this way targeting approximately 30,000 persons without gender discrimination.

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