Moroccans are still the number one foreign student in France

Moroccans are still the number one foreign student in France

According to figures from the French Agency for the Promotion of Higher Education (Compass France), the number of foreign students in France increased by 8% in 2021-2022. In a press release, it noted “the strongest annual growth since 2005”, adding that “including higher education students, the threshold of 400,000 foreign students in France has now been passed (400,026)”.

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In total, six African countries are among the top 10 countries for foreign students enrolled in French higher education in 2021-2022, including three from North Africa (Algeria, Tunisia and Morocco). Morocco leads the ranking with 46,371 students, an increase of 3%. It was followed by Algeria with 31,032 students enrolled, an increase of 6%.

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It is followed by China (27,479 students), Italy (19,185 students), Senegal (15,264), Tunisia (13,661) and Spain (11,256). Cote d’Ivoire (10,725), Lebanon (10,469) and Cameroon (19,037 records) round out the podium.

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