A Google Doodle counts below an Ethereum link, a recognition of the world's most popular search engine.

A Google Doodle counts below an Ethereum link, a recognition of the world’s most popular search engine.

Ethereum’s long-awaited transition to a less energy-intensive share transaction verification system is still a few days away: three and a half days, according to Google’s count.

When typing “Ethereum Merger” In Google’s search engine, we get a countdown, difficulty ratio (how many times a miner must calculate hashes to record a block of transactions), hash rate (total computing power used across the network), and a cartoon. Two happy bears approach with outstretched arms.

If all goes according to plan, the two bears should soon merge to form a panda, which has served as a true symbol of Ethereum’s transformation. Doodle’s existence indicates the level of anticipation for convergence even by the biggest tech giants.

One of the first people to announce Doodle on Twitter was an engineer working on the Web3 team. Google.

The research team ran with it, and it happened with incredible speed” said Sam Padilla, Web3 client engineer at Google.”A lot of credit goes to the teams that made this possible“.

He noted that Google’s timeline for implementing features related to its search engine is infrequent.

Sam Padilla said the idea had been hatched over the past two weeks among Google employees who wanted to build.A cool Easter egg” for instant conversionEthereum From Proof of Work to Proof of Equity. The idea arose in the internal discussions of the community Web3 of the company.

A response to a user TwitterData is pulled in real-time directly from the Ethereum network using some nodes provided by Google, Padilla said.

The company is increasingly involved in Web3, a provider of blockchain infrastructure services using Google Cloud. On its Web3 product side, the company has Nansen, Dapper Labs and Solana among its trading partners. Google announced the creation of the Web3 Group last May.

More recently, Sky Mavis is the creator of the NFT game Axial infinityEthereum sidechain designed for use in gaming applications announced that it has reached an agreement with Google to use its cloud services to verify transactions on Ronin’s network.

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