My Cookie Factory, a shop in Toulouse dedicated to cookies

Fourrés à la pistache, à la pâte à tartiner, au spéculoos, ou encore à la framboise, il y en a pour tous les goûts. © Marion Bernard/L'Opinion Indépendante

This is a real cookie temple opened in the heart of Toulouse. Thursday, September 8, My Cookie Factory Opened her cookie shop at 37 rue du Taur. Forget the light and fluffy cookies traditionally served in France, here America’s version of the cookie is in the spotlight.

For example, cookies available in bakeries are 60-80 grams. At home, they make 150 grams,” says Alex Cancel, co-founder of My Cookie Factory.

© My Cookie Factory

An idea born during the health crisis

The cookies come in over a dozen flavors filled with pistachio, spread, speculoos or raspberry. An ultra-gourmet concept that started delivery a year ago. At the helm of My Cookie Factory, Alex Cancel and Dylan Papois both say Freedom of thought The beginning of this great adventure.

Basically, I worked security in nightclubs and my partner worked in cryptocurrency,” explains Alex Cancel. “The idea came to me during my imprisonment, as the health crisis had a huge impact on my work; I started looking for what was missing in Toulouse. American-style cookies, I’ve never seen anything like that.”

Aged 26 and 25, these two partners have set out to discover a recipe for delighting cookie lovers’ taste buds with an ultra-sporty look. “I love cooking in the stomach, but it’s too salty. After months of testing, we found the perfect one. Out of our 13 flavors, we have two unfilled recipes. The rest are all in dough and heart. Some have garnishes with toppings,” continues the entrepreneur.

Five months of preparation

A delicious equation that found its audience, even getting partners to start their own boutique.

Last summer we started remotely, delivering across France. Because it worked so well, we wanted to create something more concrete”, notes Toulouse.

After five months, they were able to open the campus and find jobs A cookie shop in Toulouse. And from the beginning, “we filled up”, they are happy with the end of their first day.

Among the best sellers Cookie Shop, Toulouse residents can discover a creamy lovvo with a milka-Oreo heart and white chocolate with Oreo chips or a wonderful red cookie filled with red velvet, raspberry and white chocolate. The final delicious touch: “Heat the cookie for a few minutes until the dough softens and the heart melts,” they advise. Mouth watering…

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