Lidl releases great product to familiarize you with technology!

Lidl sort le produit idéal pour se familiariser avec la technologie !

To let youngsters read in a more modern way, Little introduces its Magic Slate 2.0, which looks like ultra-design tablets!

To get little ones familiar with technology, Lidl is launching an irresistible offer. Discover the electronic slate that will transform your children’s schooling. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z.

Lidl is launching a great back-to-school kit

Homecoming is finally here. After summer vacation Passed under the sign of style, time to come to school. This period, sometimes full of changes, is not always easy to live through. Especially for the younger ones.

But Lidl didn’t let them down! In fact, the brand has decided to increase its efforts tenfold to give your kids a great start in the 2022 school year.

To make it easier for them to read, the discount company has introduced a perfect product. about this A kind of magic slate Can write endlessly.

Using a tactile mouse, children can write or draw at their leisure. A fitted 8.5 inch LCD screen, This slate is a truly advanced technology tool that takes care of the planet too!

Yes, don’t waste paper with this Lidl tool to do well in class. Only one is weight Weight 108 gramsMeasuring 22 × 14 cm, this touchscreen is easy to slip into a school bag.

Finally, this do-it-all LCD screen is a good plan for the wallet. Because who says hi-tech products, most often say expensive product.

However, this is not the case with this unbeatable offer from Lidl. To allow your children to enjoy the right tools for their academic success, Calculate only 6.99 euros.

Here’s another selection argument that will soon convince you to get your hands on this little wonder.

Lidl releases great product to familiarize you with technology!
Lidl releases great product to familiarize you with technology!

Back to school well prepared with discounts

And that’s just the beginning! Because Lidl has other good surprises Start the new school year without destroying yourself. As we know, this time of the year is often a source of spending for families.

Children’s school supplies, among others, sometimes weigh heavily on the budget. So to maintain our purchasing power, Lidl has implemented a successful strategy.

The brand has already decided Its anti-inflationary program has been extended until October. Discover dozens of your favorite products in store, all at discounted prices! A real relief for many of us!

The brand has decided to tackle the taboo issue by: Menstrual poverty. To help women get through this time of the month without sacrificing their budget, Lidl has set up a function that is already delighting a lot of customers.

With stores located all over France, Lidl has become Exam No. 1 Achieve extreme savings. And good projects never end up on the shelves.

Throughout the year, the brand redoubles its efforts to meet the expectations of its customers. In the coming weeks, other top arrivals should please those looking to protect their purchasing power.

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