Kyiv says it launched a counteroffensive in the east and northeast of the country

Kyiv says it launched a counteroffensive in the east and northeast of the country

Putin says sanctions are a ‘danger to the whole world’ and ‘impossible to isolate Russia’

Russian President Vladimir Putin said Wednesday that he represents Western sanctions targeting his country “Danger to the World” and showed visual impairment. In a speech at the Eastern Economic Forum in Vladivostok, southeastern Russia on the Pacific coast, Vladimir Putin said the West had undermined the world economy with its efforts. “rude” To impose its hegemony on the world without succeeding in stopping the rise of the Asia-Pacific region.

“No matter how much some people want to isolate Russia, it cannot be done”, Mr. Putin began. The covid-19 pandemic “It has been replaced by new global challenges, which threaten the entire world. I want to talk about the economic sanctions fever of the West”, he added. The Russian President has condemned “The Obstinate Refusal of Western Elites to See the Facts” And “American Dominance” In enforcing tougher sanctions against Russia following its offensive in Ukraine since late February. “Irreversible changes have taken place throughout the system of international relations”, he noted. Despite the barrage of Western sanctions, Mr Putin said Russia “Nothing to lose, nothing to lose”. “There’s some polarization going on, but I think it’s beneficial.”he added.

In front of many Asian economic and political leaders, especially the Chinese, he praised “Evolving Character” In world affairs, the Asia-Pacific region, as opposed to the West, he depicted as being in decline, especially“Swelling”. in front “Technological, financial and economic aggression of the West”The Russian president expressed his happiness “a little bit further” Against the Russian dollar, euro and pound economy, “Untrustworthy Coins”Especially in favor of the Chinese yuan.

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