European Parliament President warns of “mass migration movements” from Africa

After welcoming millions of Ukrainian refugees with open arms, European leaders are alarmed by a wave of migration fueled by a deadly food crisis hitting Africa.

On Wednesday 31 August the President of the European Parliament Roberta Metzola (photo) announced against “Mass Migration Movements” For the European Union (EU) due to increasing food crisis in Africa

“My long-term concern is that the logistical problems we have in getting grain, food, commodities, fertilizers etc. to African countries will be a big challenge. This means that it is not only an energy crisis, but also a hunger crisis, a food crisis in Africa. He said in an interview with a Portuguese newspaper Lisa.

“The EU must prepare for mass migration movements towards the European periphery”, she added.

The head of the European Parliament has warned against the risk of a rise in power of populist political parties that could exploit the immigration issue during the next elections planned in some European countries, including Italy.

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“Populist talk that leads to immediate political instability should be avoided. “There will certainly be political parties that use issues like migration to capitalize on the growing frustration,” he said. Did she say

The EU has welcomed more than 5 million Ukrainian refugees fleeing the Russian invasion since late February, offering them residence permits and temporary protection in any EU country. This reception is different from that accorded to immigrants and refugees of other nationalities. This led to condemnation from many NGOs, activists and the public “Uniform Geometry of Variables”, “A Racial Logic” and ” Double Standard” In an unequal and conflict-ridden world.

Last April, the head of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), Filippo Grandi, asked the European Union “Gracefully welcome other migrants and refugees who knock on its doors, in distress, as it did with the Ukrainian refugees”. The report comes after 90 African migrants died in international waters of the Mediterranean Sea after leaving Libya on an overcrowded boat.


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