Brake on renewable energy

The managing director of Bpifrance, Nicolas Dufourcq, believes that the law in preparation on renewable energies will make it possible to restart investments in photovoltaic and wind power.

The “Climate Project» 43% of the 40 billion euros launched in September 2020 have been allocated to green French companies in four years, but funding for renewable energies has fallen sharply, according to an interim report drawn up on Tuesday. “The combination of funds and subsidies provided by Bpifrance, totaling 20 billion euros, has profoundly modified the ‘state’ due to the downward revision of prices for the purchase of electricity from renewable sources in 2021.“, General Manager of Bpifrance, Nicolas Dufourcq, pointed out during a presentation to the press.

Although Bpifrance planned to double the financing of these energies over four years by issuing loans of 13.6 billion euros, the objective for the sector was reduced to 8.6 billion. “In May 2021, Percy decided to revise downwards the prices guaranteed by the state for the purchase of electricity.For photovoltaics and wind power, Nicolas Dufork recalled. After tariff revision, these clean energy generators will “He put the bag down“because they”Instability was perceived in the French regulatory environment“, he added. The director of Bpifrance believes that the law in preparation to facilitate administrative authorizations for these projects will allow them to resume.

The company’s environmental change goes from 3.8 to 7 billion euros

At the same time, Bpifrance has increased project financing for companies to green their production, particularly through unsecured loans, and the state has increased the guarantee (EUR 1.5 billion) of these green loans. Euros distributed over two years). The ecological transformation of companies, which includes sober diagnostics and 850 million euro thermal renovations of real estate assets, goes from the initially planned 3.8 billion euros to 7 billion, while the financing of innovation is also accelerated, rising from 2.5 billion. 4.2 billion euros.

For its part, the Banque des Territoires has committed 8.3 billion of the 20 billion euros to the climate plan. The largest item related to the heating of 210,000 social housing units financed with a €4.5 billion loan. “Social housing in France is more thermally efficient and more renovated compared to private stock“, assessed Olivier Sichel, director of the Banque des Territoires of the Caisse des dépôts group, there was an acceleration for public buildings.

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