Who keeps the dog? The plight of new pet owners returning to the office

Who keeps the dog?  The plight of new pet owners returning to the office

Returning to work face-to-face isn’t always easy, and it seems even more complicated for those who share their lives with animals: to feel less guilty about leaving their homes, some pet owners have decided to welcome a second companion. With the first company, Quartz refers to an article of media.

Between confinement and telecommuting, the health environment linked to the Covid-19 pandemic has created a lifestyle more conducive to welcoming an animal into the home. According to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, more than 23 million American households acquired a pet in the first fourteen months of the pandemic. A trend that should continue.

Cerise Roth, chief veterinarian at pet telehealth startup Fuzzy, confirms with US media that welcoming a second animal is now a thing. “Really Common”.

But it has a cost. Today, salary incentives for pet owners are especially popular. For example, in Japan, the pharmaceutical company Kyoritsu Seiaku offers a monthly stipend of six euros to employees who own a dog or cat. An article from Women’s Magazine In 2008.

According to a nationwide survey conducted in JuneA pet insurance provider found that 49% of young Generation Z and 45% of Millennials (ages 25-35) believe the availability of support for employees who live with an animal depends on whether they want to work or not. Company.

Bring your pet to work
An idea with a dog

Who says increasing the pet population means more work for vets, but also for pet sitters and dog walkers. Stan LaRoche, who has been doing the latter business for more than ten years, tells Quartz he’s never been busier.

“In one week, I got four new clients. Usually, this is the number I reach in three or four months, sometimes more., wonders the Brooklyn resident, who is considering hiring employees. Compared to the 65% drop in activity his company recorded when the pandemic hit, that was almost night and day.

For those who want to spend more time with their beloved furball, there is another solution: bring it to work. In France, if the law does not prohibit you from taking your cat or dog to the office, it is necessary to respect certain conditions. Explaining an essay from Challenges.

In order to ensure that no restrictions apply in this area, the employee must consult the company’s internal regulations in advance. He should also obtain the approval of his hierarchical superior, which is mandatory to validate the process.

It may be worth it to pet owners, who will feel less guilty about leaving their four-legged friends at home, and to their colleagues: some experts encourage the initiative, which can promote a better work environment. and facilitates communication. among employees.

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